Pull the string and the water flushes.

The books that I bought haven't been delivered to me yet.


The earthquake caused a catastrophe greater than any the country had ever known.

The question is not what I can do for you, but what you can do for me.

The "subject" is the person or object to carry out the action in the sentence. Transformed to Japanese it would be the part that end in "wa" or "ga".


You're curious, aren't you?

I am concerned about his poor health.

She couldn't find the words to express herself.


I'd like a gin and tonic.

Please beat the eggs.

That building is the tallest in Japan.

Mr Brown is looked up to by all the students.

Aimee marked a sentence with a yellow highlighter.


Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

I think that my girlfriend leaves tomorrow for Scotland.

We should play a more active role in combating global warming.

They amended the document.

Agatha refused to tell us what he did.


Who will swim the fastest?


Can't you stop her?

I'm going to take good care of you.

There is nothing she must have.


You're giving me a headache.


Do you love that man there?

Is anyone else bidding?

Some people compare life to a stage.

He is inferior to you in all respects.

Valentin told me he was going to the hospital to visit his father.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Three students. Here's my student ID.


I am not experienced in driving.

I'll tell Dalton if I don't forget.

The telephone operator asked the caller to hold on until a connection was made.


That's not completely wrong.

Would you like me to tell you about Boston?

How did Mott get you to do that?

I'm not sure about Hawaii, where there are too many Japanese, but I do find that having at least some Japanese around can be reassuring. That's how I feel.

Are you still working with them?

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The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.

Apples are scarce this year.

The police arrested two men.


She has got long hair.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

You're going to fall and sprain your ankle wearing sandals with such huge platforms.

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What time yesterday was the concert?


I didn't kiss him. He kissed me.


I felt happy.

I'll drive Brandon to school.

Seriously, people are so dumb.


You've been here before, haven't you?

He was re-elected mayor.

Don't ride a bike because you are five years old.


The pianist played a trick on the audience.

And that's how Randell met Dana.

This is the flag of Japan.

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No, I don't have a drinking problem except when I can't get a drink.

It is in the cards that he will succeed.

A serviceman inspected our furnace.

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He defeated his opponent in the election.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

You should on no condition touch these instruments.

Did you get this from them?

Edward was worried that his cholesterol level might be a little high.

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Beckie isn't saying why.

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Louis got into the car.


I didn't fathom this happening.

You should visit Boston.

Claudio never bothered to tell Eileen.

Write it down before you forget it.

It's about my brother. Lately, he's been hanging out with the wrong sort of people. Don't you know anything about it?

He recovered from the shock.

I told you it was dangerous.

She was the last person I expected to see there.

It was dark when I reached the hotel.

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I saw Aaron going into the cave.

Mr. Wang is Chinese.

How old might your father be?

She saved a hundred dollars.

What other choice is there?

Harv said he felt weird just before collapsing on the floor.

The car's left-turn signal was broken.


What did you think I told him?

Sweet scents are borne on soft breezes.

When Dad came home, I was watching TV.

I am not about to pay ten dollars.

She won't be in time for the meeting.


That's a very nice suit.

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This is the right thing to do.


Your soul needs to be saved.

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I'm asking you to say clearly, yes or no.

I'm not in on Sunday.

Kurt promised to keep me posted on developments.

This is a hectoliter of wine.

I couldn't be prouder of my kids.

I'll join you.

Isn't the weather great?


Cathrin gently closed the door.

He can't work properly until he's had his cup of joe.

You are unbelievably naive.

Butler is terrified of talking to strangers.

Don't you want to learn things?

Who is the man at the other side of the table?

I is an other.


You sound like an idiot.

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He got up early so he'd be in time for the train.


That is very expensive.

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Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.

Because he is old, he, too, has grown weak.

The door closes automatically.

I couldn't prevent Linder from eating all the cookies.

We eat to live, not live to eat.

Don't tell him the answer.

I don't know what you need.

Are you sure you aren't cold?

Nobody visited my country.

I'd like to work with her.

Johann seems stoic.


The teacher always thinks highly of the students who try to think, "Why?".

Mick still seems concerned.

How much does this umbrella cost?

In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball.

I have some work to do.


I heard you were drunk.


What kind of a place will we be able to get?

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I've been burgled three times this month.

I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

It seems to be working.

Bear: "It is a happy meeting, dear Leo, for I have not seen you in six whole months."

Why settle for a Kia when you can clearly afford an Audi?

As far as I know, she hasn't departed yet.

Why would we lie to you?

She carries on smiling even in the face of adversity.

If you're asked what is, say, thirty-three by eleven, you still don't know what they meant: multiply or divide?

I can't disagree with what Gabriel says.

I'm afraid Manuel will get lost.

It doesn't matter where you go; you don't ever come back the same person as you once were.

My mother almost never complains.

Yes, with pleasure.

How did Donne find out about us?

Maarten sat on the bench all by himself.

You know some Japanese.


Do it!


Alf and Raghu couldn't agree on what to do.

You said you had a question.

I'll arrange that for you.

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Was their mother watching the girls?


I'm a great admirer of your work.

I feel stupid sometimes.

When I was a kid, mum used to darn our socks when they got holes in them. Nowadays, most people just throw them away and buy a new pair.

How will you get them to help us?

Don't you dare answer that.

Latin is a highly inflected language.

Can't you get by on your salary?

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You were not disillusioned.

There must be someone else living on the island.

You'll embarrass them.


I like flowers of every description.